Discover How to Build a Combat-Ready Body and Unbeatable Mind Straight from an Active Duty Marine




Discover the methods top performers in police, fire, and military fitness tests use to earn respect and earn promotion with a customized blueprint made to fit your busy schedule. 

You want to do more than avoid disaster on your next fitness test. You want to absolutely crush it.

Maybe you’re on active duty and not in the shape you were back in boot camp. (Stuff got in the way. Like work and family.)

Maybe you want to get in shape to join the military, police, or fire department.

Or maybe you’re a tactical athlete who wants to train like a military member to podium at your next obstacle course race.

Whatever the case, you need to stop what you’re doing now. It’s not working and you know it.

Stop taking advice from that guy who looks jacked, but spends hundreds per month on supplements.

Stop doing random, half-assed workouts.

Stop ignoring nutrition.

I’ve Been There. But The Good News Is: It’s Not A Life Sentence.


I get it. You’re busy. If you’re on active duty, you have the job you’re supposed to do, plus collateral duties, personnel management, preparing for inspections, etc. Then there’s your family life.

It’s a lot to manage, and fitness can slip. You wonder what happened to the young stud you used to be.

You worry about so-so scores on your next fitness test and how it might affect promotion.


Your success depends on crushing pull-ups, running faster, and losing fat.  


Improving in these three things means meeting height and weight standards, a higher Physical Fitness Test score, more respect from superiors, peers and subordinates, better race times for Obstacle Courses, and, hell, even just looking better.

It Wasn’t My Proudest Moment As A Marine


My awards, three deployments to the Middle East and 12 years of experience seemed to count for nothing. It all came down to this: a trash-talking 17-year-old high school student yelling:

“Your turn, Sergeant! Show us how it’s done.”

He was talking about pull-ups and you could practically hear the smirk in his voice. Here’s the thing. I was a USMC recruiter at the time. And he was a prospective recruit. So the pressure was on.


He didn’t mean for me to show them how to do a proper pull up. No.

He and his buddies expected their Marine, their embodiment of challenge, honor, and peak physical fitness, to crush an easy 20 pull-ups.


What I was supposed to say:
“Hey guys, I’m still recovering from back day at the gym yesterday. But I’ll knock out a few.”


Oh yes, I went there.  I’m not proud, but it happened. I tried to make excuses in advance for why I could probably only knock out 12-15 pull ups. It was my come to Jesus moment.

I’d trained in the gym, spent hundreds per month on supplements, and done the diets over the years.


Using a personal trainer didn’t work with my schedule. So I opened up textbooks, sought out trustworthy, scientific contributors in the fitness industry and went to work.


My wife decided to join in and embark on this journey with me.

Six months later, I was down 15 lbs, and my wife was down 31 lbs. And yet we’re both stronger than ever. I reached a point I couldn’t reach for years in just 6 months.

These days, I can knock out 20 pull-ups. Every time. Pride and confidence has replaced fear and embarrassment.


This is the success I want for you.


When I was on recruiting duty, every one of my future Marines met the pull-up and weight requirements to go to the toughest military boot camp in America.

I became addicted to helping others, civilian and military, see the same confidence boost I saw in  my future Marines. That’s why I now help others as an online personal coach. I want to help others lead more confident lives.

How Shane Solved His Problem


The jacked guys who score well in PFTs but aren’t good at their jobs are nobody’s friends.


But why not have it all: show how well you can do your job AND be fit.


Imagine adding better fitness to your hard work ethic, like Shane did.

Shane, from Northern California, has been training with me to become a Tier 1 Candidate for the Marine Officer Candidate School (the officer equivalent to boot camp.)

“The availability of an active duty servicemember (a SSgt no less) who can channel his experience into military preparation has a been a game changer for me”



You see, before coming to me, Shane was doing exactly what he thought he needed to do to become competitive.


It wasn’t really working.


Competition is fierce when vying for a spot as a Marine officer. And Shane was at a disadvantage. You see he also has a family, a night-shift job, and school.


His individualized program designed to fit his busy life re-established his candidacy and earned him a spot as a Tier 1 candidate.


Can you imagine yourself this way?


Reestablish your fitness as a priority without robbing your performance at work or your quality time with family.

Why Online Coaching Is Right For You


Going it alone hasn’t worked for you in the past and it won’t work in the future.

But what about hiring a personal trainer at a gym? Unfortunately, it opens up a can of worms.


How many times per week can you meet him or her?

Are they available when you’re available?

How far away is the gym from work?

What if they need to cancel, or if you need to cancel?


You don’t have time to worry about these things. Online Coaching gives you the flexibility and guidance you need.


When you come onboard, we’ll use an initial video consultation that will cover your work hours, equipment access, physical limitations, family life, gym experience and nutrition habits

I’ll design a program that will provide you with:


Custom Training Plan delivered to you with a mobile app so you know exactly what to do and you can take your workouts anywhere you go. These training plans are custom designed to increase strength and burn fat - exactly what you need to conquer any fitness test and look the part in uniform. 


Nutrition Guidance so you can finally stop being frustrated with figuring out what to eat and make nutrition a key component to fat loss and enhanced performance. This takes away the guesswork so you can continue to enjoy the foods you like and target that stubborn belly fat.  


Weekly Check-Ins so you can stay on track when you feel like falling back to old habits and to make any necessary adjustments to your program. These are key to breaking through plateaus and continue progressing so that you stay driven to improve.


Unlimited Access to me via in-app messenger so you can have the support you need and never have a question go unanswered. Imagine having a coach in your back pocket whenever you're unsure of what to do, like that time you drank a few too many beers at your buddy's 2nd bachelor party. 


Unlimited Technique Reviews so that you know you’re performing each movement properly and in a way to prevent injury...and of course to help you avoid looking like a total noob at the gym.

More importantly, a Marine will hold you accountable.


Picturing a hard-ass Drill Instructor screaming in your face? Fear not.


I was a recruiter, not a drill instructor. I will work alongside you to encourage you, but I also won’t hesitate to give you a kick in the butt when you need it.


There is one thing I won’t provide you with...hard work.  I can’t squat the weight for you. I can’t swat the spoonful of ice cream away from your mouth when you’re in a weakened state of mind.


You will need to show up and work hard.

What Others Are Saying


“It felt good to know what I was doing in the gym was worth my time...and to finally know how to set up a real diet plan.”


Daniel, a Marine stationed in Camp Pendleton, lost 21 lbs, 4 inches off his waist.


"[your] program...has helped me tremendously...I'm in the best shape I've ever been."

-Javier B. 

Javier improved his pull ups by 5 and shaved 2 minutes off his run time. 

“I learned how to workout properly...and in doing so, I’ve been able to push past my plateau”

-Jean Pierre


Jean Pierre, an aspiring Airmen, accomplished the following:


Pull ups 3 to 6 (up 100%)

Push ups 35 to 54 (up 54%)

Crunches 26 to 37 (up 42%)

3 mile run 27:12 to 25:48. (improved by nearly 1.5 minutes without focus on cardio)

“I highly recommend Coach Bryan because it’s not just a plan set in stone but rather a program that is ongoing in development and can be catered to specific needs. The immediate support is like no other I’ve encountered”

-Adam S.


Adam S. is a Marine Officer hopeful who is training to gain strength and improve cardio before heading off to Officer Candidate School.

“...I’m thankful for your help and knowledge...I lost 4 pounds, 1.5 inches off my waist, and gained size and strength in my arms and legs”

-Joshua G.


Joshua G, an active duty Marine stationed in Camp Pendleton, CA who had stalled in progress for a couple of years.

Take The Next Step


Where will you be in 3, 6, 12 months from now?


Do you see yourself achieving victory?


Do you see yourself getting faster run times, doing more pull ups, and looking lean?


Do you see yourself stronger and combat-ready?

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