You'll still be yelled at. But at least you can smile when you drop and give 'em push ups. 

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You'll be in the best shape of your life and have the edge you need when you find out what you're REALLY made of at military basic training. 

The first few minutes of boot camp are just like the movies. 

You step off the bus and it starts right away: the yelling, the learning to follow orders, and the push ups. 

Which is fine with you. After all, you love a challenge. 

And you chose this. Which surprised some of your high school or college buddies because they know you don't always play by the rules. You like to party and have a beer or three. Or maybe stuff stronger than beer. 

But you were disciplined enough to play sports and you know what a gym is. And your grades are decent enough, so everyone expected you to go to college. Or maybe you're in college and still wondering what the hell you're supposed to do. 

It seems like your friends will end up with a ton of student debt, working at low-paying dead-end jobs, still wondering what to do with their lives and still living in their Mom's basement.

Not you.  You want to find out what you're made of. 

And you want to start living your life now and you feel a sense of purpose: a higher calling. 

Serving your country is a must for you. An honor you don't take lightly. 

Which makes sense. A lot of your fiends are wrapped up in social media, but you only use it to watch dumb videos when you're bored. And you hate being bored. 

You've been training your own way - the burpees, the squats, the push ups - but you still wonder if it's good enough.

There's Push Ups, and then there's summoning the last bit of strength you have to keep your chest off the ground at boot camp.  


And it all comes with frog-voiced shouting and puddles of recruit tears from people not fully prepared for boot camp. 

But not you. 

You WANT to be prepared, bu aren't sure what to do. 

You WANT to get the help you need, but aren't sure where to get it. 

Here's your answer. And you can give it a shot with a free week.

"I increased my Pull Ups by 3 and shaved 1 minute off my run time in 4 weeks of training. I feel stronger and see a real difference."

                                                      -J. Badillo, LCpl / USMC

Shane on how Alpha Co helped him prepare for Officer Candidate School. 

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